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Mail Forwarding for Business and Personal: Everything You Need to Know

When operating a small business, no doubt your plate is full. From managing inventory to keeping up with customer demand, there’s hardly time left for mundane tasks like mail.

Even in your personal life, keeping up with mail can be a hassle, especially if you’re constantly on the go.

This is where mail forwarding comes in.

Keep reading to learn about some of the business and personal benefits of mail forwarding.

What Is Mail Forwarding?

  • Typically, mail forwarding refers to the ability to automatically forward mail sent to an old address to a new address for a specified period of time. Any time there is a change of address, the mail recipient has to file for mail forwarding again.
  • Mail forwarding with a virtual mailbox is different from how mail forwarding works with the USPS.
  • Mail forwarding with a virtual mailbox means receiving mail items at the mailbox location, which is authorized to manage your mail and packages, and forward mail items to any address of your choice. You give the instructions via an app on your phone or web portal.
  • Mail forwarding with a virtual mailbox means you can forward your mail to any address without filling out a change of address form. Instead, they just choose the mail forwarding option on an app or web portal.
  • Mail forwarding with a virtual mailbox is handy for people who travel or move a lot and may have multiple addresses they will need to forward to.
  • When you sign up for a virtual mailbox, you get a physical address that serves as your business mailing address, and you can avoid using your home address for business purposes.
  • Your customers or vendors can use the address to send you mail or packages and then:
  • The virtual mailbox provider will receive your mail and store it safely at their location.
  • The provider notifies you of all incoming mail through a secure app on your mobile device.
  • You then use the app to make a mail forwarding request. Other features include scanning, archiving, shredding, recycling, or scheduling to pick up your items.

When you work with a reliable virtual mailbox company, you’ll have ultimate flexibility and efficiency when handling your mail, saving you time, money, and headaches.

When Is Mail Forwarding with a Virtual Mailbox Useful?

Here are just a few of the scenarios when mail forwarding makes sense:

  • You’re a small business owner who wants to use a professional business address without renting office space. And you want to enjoy the convenience that a mail forwarding company provides. They are like a virtual assistant that makes running a small business easier. 
  • You’re an expatriate who gets postal mail and packages in your country of origin that you need to forward to your new location.
  • You’re a digital nomad who needs a reliable way to keep up with your mail while on the go.
  • You’re a student and want a convenient way to manage mail while away at school.
  • You live in an area that doesn’t have regular or reliable mail service.

Benefits of Mail Forwarding

Whether you use mail forwarding for personal, travel, or business, here are just three of the advantages that mail forwarding provides:

Time is Money

  • Mail forwarding provides 24/7 access to your mail, saving you constant trips to a P.O. Box whenever a package arrives. 
  • And no more waiting at home for USPS to deliver an important letter or package. You’ll be notified when the parcel arrives at your virtual address. You can immediately take action by requesting to forward, open & scan, shred, recycle, or schedule a mail item for pickup. 

USPS Informed Delivery only tells you what’s heading to your mailbox, Mail Forwarding provides the means to take immediate action on mail items. 

Like Having A Bodyguard for Your Mail

Unfortunately, if you use your home address for business mail, there’s always a risk of someone hijacking your mail or packages. While losing your stuff is bad enough, stolen mail often leads to dreaded and prevalent identity theft

  • With mail forwarding, your mail will be sent to a secure location where only authorized personnel can access it—safe and sound.
  • Your details are protected by state-of-the-art encryption utilized by the virtual mailbox provider. Perfectly pirate-proof!

A Professional Business Address

Using your home address for your business mail may give your customers or clients a shaky impression of your business. A mail forwarding service gives your business a more polished and professional vibe. 

  • Mail forwarding services often provide business addresses in prime, recognizable locations. Having a virtual office in a major city pops your business’s credibility.
  • You can stamp your virtual business address on all your collaterals, including marketing materials, invoices, and correspondence. The polished look makes a subtle yet positive impression on your customers and clients.

Who Provides Mail Forwarding?

We do.

Anytime Mailbox offers mail forwarding services that allow you to choose the items you’d like us to ship, when you want them shipped, and where.

And at your request, we’ll forward one or multiple items to any destination worldwide. Complete cost transparency helps you make fast, smart decisions and stay within your budget.

To experience the convenience, security, and privacy of mail forwarding, sign up now with Anytime Mailbox

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