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4 Critical Factors to Consider Before You Register Your Business

In the rush leading to registering your business, you've likely not paused to think about what address you will use. So, it’s likely you'll default to your home address, thinking that you can change it later. Lack of careful consideration on the street address used when registering a business leads to unintended consequences, so we've put together a useful guide on this topic.

How a Virtual Mailbox Secures Your Privacy in Business and Personal Affairs

There's a bit of hype and emotion when starting a new business, even if it's a side hustle passion project. Getting started is an exciting moment! But, this usually leads to a hasty and cheap setup using your home address as your business address.

Anytime Mailbox’s Virtual Mailbox and the USPS’ Informed Delivery: Everything You Need to Know

Anytime Mailbox’s Virtual Mailbox service and the United States Postal Service’s Informed Delivery service are often confused. Many think why should I get a virtual mailbox from Anytime Mailbox if the USPS Informed Delivery service is free? There are reasons to argue both sides of the fence here, but what really matters are your needs and which service fits them best.

How to Optimize Your Time for An Ongoing Pandemic

Well, it’s official, Coronavirus isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon, and as we adjust to things opening up, while still being wary of a second wave looming, let’s take this time to focus on some positives we can draw from this pandemic.

Remote Work: The New "Long Term - Temporary" Normal

The world is in a bit of flux right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, and for "non-essential" workers, that has meant transitioning to remote work full time. Depending on your individual circumstances, this might be incredibly disruptive. For others, it might be an easy adjustment.

Digital Nomad Tools & Software

Recently, many people have realized that the traditional model of life does not have to be the only option. Technological advances in remote work and the market-shift toward the gig economy have opened up a new level of freedom for an entire generation of workers. This is the Digital Nomad movement. When all you need to work is a computer and a reliable internet connection, you have the ability to live a life untethered – but not without some help. This comprehensive list of resources offers the aspiring digital nomad access to any website, piece of software, podcast, or tool to help make their dreams of freedom a reality.

Beyond Uber: The Top 7 International Ride-Sharing Apps

Need a Lyft? In an Uber rush? Chances are good that if you’re residing in the United States, both these questions have taken on double meanings in recent years. From the most urbanized to isolated societies, applications such as Lyft and Uber have brought a new form of transportation, known as ridesharing, to the masses.

The 8 Best & Worst US Banks for Foreign Transactions

When it comes to banking, utilities, or phone bills, there is nothing worse than having to pay hidden or unexpected fees. Although a nickel here and a dime there might not seem like much at first, the real blow comes when the charges begin to add up and you take notice. Take, for example, airline baggage fees, where modern business models often charge for carry-on luggage or overweight checked baggage. In this example, while some airlines are certainly upfront about their prices and fees, others may require an in-depth investigation into their terms of service in order to find the cause of that pesky $75 charge.

Shipping Between the US and the 7 Most Visited Asian Nations

Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or education, Americans are traveling abroad like never before. In 2016, nearly 70 Million Americans took the plunge and ventured outside of their nation’s borders. Although most of that number stayed within the confines of the North American continent - to Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America, many others jetted off to the far-off lands of Europe and Asia.

Top 6 International Money Transfer Services

In the past twenty years, people have begun to travel more than ever. In fact, data from the National Travel and Tourism office shows a 268% rise in outbound international travel in the United States between 1996 and 2016.

I’m Thrifty, Not Cheap - Top 8 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Without a doubt, international travel is more popular today than ever before. Just in the past couple decades, in fact, outbound travel from the United States has risen by over 170%. This means that, despite the stereotype, American citizens are seeing and experiencing other cultures at a frequency far beyond the norm.

Top Resources for RVers On The Go

The lure of the open road, the willingness to venture into the unknown — such concepts have been burned into the American psyche for several generations. In the modern era, nowhere is this more present than in the road trip. Whether you’re a fan of Thelma & Louise, Easy Rider, or Little Miss Sunshine, chances are that you’ve been exposed to the idealized road trip archetype at least once or twice.

6 Basic Tax Tips Millennials Should Read ASAP

Just as everything old is new again, so too is the Millennial generation’s relationship with archaic processes - They do not get along, unless what is archaic becomes vintage. Case in point, why would they use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to send a letter, when they can keep in touch with their friends instantaneously over SnapChat, when the latter is not yet considered retro.

Coworking Spaces In Asia

A coworking space is a shared office in which anyone, including independent entrepreneurs and remote freelancers, can work. This is in opposition to more standard workspaces, which are typically staffed by employees of the same organization. Entrance can be gained either by subscribing to membership or by purchasing an hourly package.

Top 10 Reasons Millennials Choose a Virtual PO Box Over Snail Mail

Millennials get a bad rap in the media and they can be our greatest generation. Sure they text a lot and instant message a lot but who doesn’t. That being said they have an absolute disdain for repetitive tasks and mundane and unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape. They are all about efficiency.

20 Tips for Expats Managing a Business From Another Country

Everyday the world of business becomes more globalized and it is no secret that borders and traditional office structures are being disrupted. This is especially beneficial if you are an expat or about to become one as the advent of the internet enables you to be productive anywhere in the world. However, there are so many combinations and permutations in terms of the rules of the country where you may be managing a business as well as the rules of your own native country. How do you straddle those those lines and where does one start to learn about managing a business as an expat? This list is meant to be a general guide of tips that could be useful no matter what country you decide to enter.

Top 21 Things Millennials Do Differently Than Baby Boomers

First and foremost millennials like to poke fun at formality. To them it is one of the funniest topics and they find certain social customs to be almost a bizarre ritual of yesteryear. They have championed ironic t-shirts with snarky phrases as everyday fashion to the point where it partially defines their spirit. And within this dislike of formality, their #1 distaste may be with traditional office culture littered with cubicles and strange office politics.

How to Start a Business in 72 Hours - 25 Rapid Fire Steps

Choosing a domain name for your business is the first step and your digital real estate so to speak. Although nowadays there are many new extensions to choose from beyond .com, no matter what you select, try to find something that says exactly what you do as clearly as possible.

30 Business Automation Trends Disrupting the Modern Workplace

The digital era where society and business has transitioned from analog to digital 0s and 1s has continued at a rapid pace. Many individuals and some future thinkers thought that computers and cell phones were potentially near the edge of technological advancement in general. Howewer, it is ever more complex algorithms and hardware with sensors that have taken the lead, and what is now disrupting the modern workplace.