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4 Key Benefits of Combining a Coworking Space with a Virtual Mailbox

A coworking space and virtual mailbox combo can boost your work and business setup. If you’re working remotely or as a digital nomad, you’ll have a permanent mailing address at your cowork location that receives your postal mail and packages.  

Or, if you’re starting a business, the virtual business address you get with a virtual mailbox works to register your LLC, open a bank account, and have a business address that isn’t your home address. 

Below we walk through the four reasons why a coworking space linked with a virtual mailbox is such a powerful tool.

But First, What’s a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox digitizes your postal mail and packages so you can manage them using any device, anytime and anywhere. 

Yes, that means there’s an app for that, and you can do away with a physical mailbox and simply manage your postal mail from your phone or laptop. 

It has features ideal for remote workers, freelancers, or business owners, including:

  • A real street address you can use to register your LLC, get a bank account, or apply for a credit card
  • Getting essential mail items opened and scanned at your request to access and read securely in PDF form on the go.
  • Convenient, in-app, postal mail and package forwarding to anywhere in the world
  • Free unlimited online storage for digital copies of your postal mail, no lost mail!

Why A Coworking Space and a Virtual Mailbox Are a Powerful Combo

Using a virtual mailbox with a coworking space is an intelligent solution. The combination allows you to accomplish responsibilities remotely and asynchronously. A virtual mailbox can round out your ideal remote work setup if you are a coworking space member.  

#1 A Virtual Business Address

Your membership at a coworking location that offers a virtual mailbox means you get an actual business street address. This is helpful when starting a business and needing an address for business registration and listing online. 

  • A Professional Image 

Coworking locations are typically located in prime business areas, so you benefit from an address that pops up as “office space” or a “business” when people search for it online. Not to mention the added credibility of it appearing on your website, invoices, etc. 

There’s no doubt a business street address is much more credible to your clients or customers than a PO Box address.  

  • Security 

Many entrepreneurs default to using their home address when registering their business with the Secretary of State. This is not advisable because, in most states, this automatically makes your address public record. Anyone can find your address online! With a virtual mailbox, your home address remains out of the public domain.

A virtual mailbox is invaluable in protecting your home address, adding a layer of safety and security for you and your family. 

  • Location Independence

Having a secure real street address frees you from worrying about essential mail items and packages. 

On an extended trip? No problem! Check and manage mail on your phone knowing it’s securely handled. Moving across town or cross country? No worries! You have a virtual business address you don’t have to drive to. 

What about deciding to try out “Working From Anywhere”? You get the gist. A virtual mailbox delivers location independence.

#2 Like A Virtual Assistant for Your Postal Mail and Packages

Because your coworking location provides a virtual mailbox service, they handle everything to enable you to manage it on your phone or laptop. 

How the Virtual Mailbox Works

  1. Your coworking operator receives your postal mail and packages on your behalf, and an image of each item is uploaded, with secure encryption, when it arrives.  
  2. Then, you receive a notification that a mail item or package has come for you via text or email (you decide which works for you). 
  3. You then open up the virtual mailbox app to see what has been delivered and if you need to take action.  

For example, if it’s an essential mail item, request to open & scan on the app. The coworking location will scan and upload it securely to the app, for you to access and read. You can request to have it forwarded to you, and the coworking location will do that. 

You now have a staffed location with a recognized business address where your postal mail & packages are delivered and a way to manage it remotely via your requests using a phone or laptop.

Virtual Mailbox Requests 

The critical requests made to the virtual mailboxes:

  • Open & Scan to access important mail (Remember, no one opens your mail unless you request it)
  • Forwarding mail items or packages to another location—in town or another continent
  • Shred sensitive postal mail, for example, after opening and scanning a letter
  • Recycle or discard postal mail items
  • Mail pickup, select a time to stop by to pick up mail or packages; this confirms the location is open

#3 Convenient & Secure Digital Storage or Physical Storage 

A virtual mailbox allows you to store all your postal mail files in your account digitally. This means that all the images of mail items are stored and linked to the item number for each item or package that was received. You’ll always be able to track when postal mail or packages actually arrive. And the scanned mail that you’ve requested is also encrypted and stored digitally and securely. 

This is convenient because: 

  • You don’t have to search through individual PDF files on your computer or phone to find what you’re looking for. You can use the search function with keywords to find items.
  • You can effortlessly maintain an extensive collection of documents for your remote job or business records. Use all that extra time and energy on other aspects of your career or business by eliminating the need to sort through your mail manually. 

For packages, a coworking space is a staffed location, so you’ll always have a safe and secure site to receive packages. No more concerns about porch pirates or lost or damaged online purchases. 

#4 Smart Savings All Around

With an entry-level membership at a coworking space, you gain access to office amenities for a fraction of the cost of renting your own office space. A virtual mailbox service will also typically only cost you a small additional monthly fee or may be included in the price of the monthly membership.

Forget paying for office space, calling to see if mail has arrived, or worse, wasting gas for those trips to a traditional PO Box! A virtual mailbox is considerably more affordable and complements the benefits that already come with your coworking membership and location. 

Find a Coworking Space With an Anytime Mailbox Virtual Mailbox

The next step is finding a coworking location that offers a virtual mailbox amenity. Visit anytimemailbox.com to get started. Type the address of cities that work for you. When you check out a specific location’s plan offering, you can see if they are a coworking location by checking on the site’s name. 

Getting started is easy; select your service plan and manage your mail remotely. Have more questions? Contact us online anytime or call (866) 444-8417 to speak with our customer support team.

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