Mailbox Renter FAQ

  • How do I cancel my mailbox account?
    We're sorry to hear that you're considering canceling your mailbox service with us. We understand that changes happen and sometimes they are necessary. If you wish to proceed with canceling your mailbox, you can do so by logging in to your account, navigating to Settings, and clicking on Close account.
  • What is your refund policy?
    If you have not used your digital mailbox account to receive mail or for any other purpose, you may be eligible for a full refund of your subscription fee within the first 30 days of sign-up. To request a refund, please contact customer support provided you meet these qualifications. However, please note that refunds are not provided after 30 days of sign-up or once you have received mail in your account or used your digital mailbox for any other purpose.
  • Can I use a digital mailbox to establish an address for GoogleAdSense and receive an AdSense PIN?
    If you plan to use a digital mailbox for GoogleMaps, GoogleAdSense, or for a Google Business profile, it's best not to order one, as Google may not recognize the address as valid.
  • Is your service secure?
    We take our customers' privacy seriously and have implemented multiple levels of protection. All images uploaded and viewed in your browser are transmitted over a 2048-bit SSL connection, which greatly reduces the possibility of data interception. Additionally, every exchange of information between the mailroom operator, end user, web browser, and smartphone is secured with HTTPS. To further safeguard your privacy, we intentionally do not include images of mail in email notifications, and all mail must be viewed through our secure web portal. Our physical servers are housed in a highly secure colocation facility in the USA with over 20 years of experience in cloud-based storage.
  • Do you accept package deliveries as well as regular mail?
    Yes, we accept both mail and packages at all of our locations. When a package or letter arrives, our staff will scan the label and send you an email alert, so you can decide how you want us to handle it. We offer options such as scanning, forwarding the package to you, holding it for pickup, or shredding it.
  • Do you receive mail and packages from all couriers?
    Certainly! Our partner locations provide regular street addresses and accept deliveries from USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and any other shipping company. Our locations are open during regular business hours and will sign for all your mail and package deliveries.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We require the use of a credit card, and we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept payment via Paypal, check, money order, Western Union, or wire transfer.
  • Can I pick up my mail in person?
    The majority of our Operating mailing partner facilities allow for in-person mail pick-up during their business hours. To confirm the specific policy of the location you are interested in, please visit our Locations page and select the partner's page you're interested in. From there, click on the Full Details link below any service plan to view the relevant information.
  • What is mail forwarding?
    Our mail forwarding service is designed to ensure that you receive only the packages and letters that you truly desire. You have the ability to select which items you want to receive, where and when you want them to be forwarded, and we will take care of the rest. With our service, you can have your mail forwarded to any destination in the world!
  • Can Anytime Mailbox ship internationally?
    Absolutely! Our mailing partner locations are staffed with shipping experts who are more than capable of forwarding your mail to you internationally without any issues. Please note that for packages, there may be taxes or duty fees involved depending on the contents being shipped.
  • Is there a difference between “shredding” and “recycling”?
    Our operator mailing partners recycle all mail that is disposed of to minimize environmental impact. However, if you have any documents containing sensitive information that you wish to discard, we offer shredding as an additional option to ensure proper disposal.
  • How long is my mail stored?
    The Anytime Mailbox App will store your mail for as long as your account remains active. This means that you can keep your mail with us for as long as you need it.
  • I only need the service for a short time during my travels; can I sign up just for a month or two?
    Certainly, the minimum term for our services is one month.
  • Are there storage limits for scanned contents?
    As long as your account remains active, you will have free access to all of the scanned content that is associated with your account. You have the ability to organize this content by sorting it into folders, attaching it to emails, downloading it to your computer, or deleting it when it is no longer needed.
  • What forms of identification are acceptable for USPS Form 1583?
    To verify your identity, we require two types of identification, one of which must contain a photograph of the addressee. Please note that social security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are not acceptable forms of identification. Acceptable identification includes a valid driver's license or state non-driver's identification card, armed forces or government ID, university ID, passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization, current lease or mortgage agreement, voter or vehicle registration card, or a home or vehicle insurance policy.
  • Does it matter what address appears on the identification I provide along with my USPS Form 1583?
    Please note that the address listed on your photo identification must match either the home address in Section 7 or the business address in Section 10 of Form 1583.
  • Can I receive mail in the name of multiple staff members within my business?
    Absolutely! When completing the USPS Form 1583, please enter your business information in boxes 9 through 11, and use box 12 to list the name of each member of the company who will be receiving mail. Please note that all names listed must have verifiable identification.
  • Do I have to purchase new software or hardware?
    At Anytime Mailbox, there is no need for additional hardware or software. All you need to do is log in to your account via our secure cloud, and you're all set!
  • Do I have to use a change of address?
    Although a change of address is not required to establish a digital mailbox, we recommend it for your convenience. Please note that if you do not file a change of address with the postal service, you will need to contact senders directly to notify them of your new digital mailbox address.
  • Can Anytime Mailbox address be used as a home or business address?
    All of our addresses are suitable for both personal and business use. While online business listings typically accept our street addresses, they may not accept post office boxes.
  • I need to set up an account for another person. Can I do this?
    Yes, you can receive mail on behalf of another person or an estate, but additional documentation is required by the Post Office. To set up an account for another person, you must fill out the postal consent forms for them and yourself, and attach a power of attorney that specifies the right to receive mail on their behalf. If you are receiving mail on behalf of an estate, please attach an executor's letter as well.
  • How do I reset my password?
    You can reset your password here. You will be prompted to enter the email associated with your account and follow the steps to reset your password.
  • I am a mailroom operator and would like to offer Anytime Mailbox service to my customers/renters, how can I do that?
    You can easily set up your own private label Anytime Mailbox service by visiting our Mail Center Partner page.
  • How can I get this service in a city you currently do not offer?
    We are constantly expanding our service to new cities both domestically and internationally. Please contact us to inquire about when Anytime Mailbox will be available in your city.
  • What happens to my mail after I cancel my digital mailbox?
    Mail received by the local operator will be stored for up to six months from the date of termination, and storage fees may apply. If you wish to have your mail forwarded, additional fees for that service will apply. Please note that a change of address form cannot be submitted for a digital mailbox. If you have any further questions, please contact the local mail center operator.