Virtual Office Address

Virtual Office Address

Get a Virtual Office Address for as low as $9.99

Get a Virtual Office Address

Start your business smart with a Virtual Office Address. Secure a professional location for your virtual office needs. Receive mail at this address and manage it effortlessly through our easy-to-use platform. Enhance your business image, gain credibility, and operate virtually with convenience, all from one solution. Start lean while still keeping it scaleable with a virtual mailbox.

How Does a Virtual Office Address Work with Anytime Mailbox?

Use Anytime Mailbox as your Virtual Office Address

Use your Anytime Mailbox virtual address as your mailing address for your virtual office.

We receive your business postal mail and packages

Our staffed locations will always be ready to receive and store your mail and packages, instead of sitting on your porch for porch pirates to take, or in your exposed mailbox for anyone to break into.

We digitize it

At your request, we scan the contents of your postal mail and send it to you securely through our virtual mailbox portal (app and web) so you can view it anytime, anywhere.

*This process is protected by USPS guidelines and federal law

You can access mail remotely

You can do all this remotely on our secure app:

  • open and read postal mail
  • forward mail and packages
  • shred sensitive postal mail
  • discard unwanted mail and packages
  • schedule mail and packages for pickup
  • deposit checks (select locations)

Open & Scan
Request to open mail securely so you can view scanned copies.

Shred any mail items with personal identifying information or confidential content.

Select Recycle to put mail items you don’t need toward recycling, repurposing, or reusing.

Forward mail and packages to any address.

Local Pickup
Schedule mail for pickup so you can be in and out of the mail center to save time.

Check Deposit
Ask to deposit checks you receive in the mail directly to your bank account.
*select locations only

Anytime Mailbox Virtual Office Address Benefits

Using Anytime Mailbox as a virtual office address provides distinct advantages, especially when compared to leasing an office space or using your home address:

Professional Image

A virtual office address enhances your business image, projecting a more professional and credible presence.

A person is sitting and on the table in front of them are notebooks, keys, a coffee cup, and a miniature model of a white house. The person is using their hands to mimic a roof over the house. 


Safeguard your home address by using a virtual office address, ensuring security for personal and business information.


Virtual office addresses are often more affordable than renting physical office space, saving on overhead expenses.


Enjoy the flexibility of managing your business remotely, providing adaptability to various work environments.

Mail Handling Options

Choose how your business mail is managed – whether it’s scanning, forwarding, or holding items, tailoring the service to your needs.


Access your virtual office address online from anywhere, ensuring convenience and remote control.

An Anytime Mailbox virtual office address offers a cost-effective, flexible, and professional solution, ensuring privacy, accessibility, and a credible business image.

What our customers say about using Anytime Mailbox as their Virtual Office Address

I purchased a mailbox to establish a business address for my home-based web design company. It was quick and straightforward, including the interaction with a notary online. I now have an excellent-looking address!

Joe H.

Greatness! Love the service options! Needed an easy-to-access, efficient business address. A cost-effective and value-focused place that provides the virtual business address that meets my needs.

Ali S.

Great way to live abroad or be nomadic and keep your mail in one spot. We use our mailbox for an LLC and have been happy with the mail forwarding when we need to have something sent to us.

Shane H.

Starting my own business and wanted a solid address that was not a PO box address, I would take the time to look into this as an option as a business owner. Perfect for what I needed!

Devin B.

As my main office is at home, the service provides me with a separate discrete mailing address that protects my home privacy, while giving me a “physical” address for my mail. It’s been an amazing tool for my business.

Matt H.

Service is quick, and the cost is fair. I’m a small business owner so this seemed right up my alley in terms of what I needed. Cost and reliability based on reviews. Needed something that was cheap and cost-effective.

Wade B.

Frequently Asked Questions on a Virtual Office Address

Can I use virtual address for the IRS?

Yes, you can use a virtual office address for IRS purposes. This means you can receive important correspondence from the IRS and obtain an EIN with your virtual office address, as well as use it when filing tax forms or any other LLC formation and maintenance documents.

To get a virtual US address for your business, you can choose a virtual address service plan, select an address from the available options, file USPS Form 1583, redirect your mail and update official business documents.

A virtual address is a recognized street address at a physical office location that allows businesses to track, open, discard, and schedule postal mail pick-ups online. It provides an additional layer of privacy for companies by keeping their home address private while adding credibility to the business. Virtual addresses are great for remote companies that don’t have a physical location.

Yes, it is legal to use a virtual address for your LLC in most states if you follow that state’s local regulations.