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Your Complete Guide to the 2024 FedEx Holiday Schedule

Understanding the FedEx holiday schedule is crucial for ensuring your packages reach their destinations on time. Let’s unwrap the intricacies of the 2024 FedEx service schedule and operations so that you’ll be informed on the best time to ship out your precious packages.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand FedEx’s holiday schedule to save stress and ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Be aware of key dates, deadlines, service modifications, and shipping options for domestic and international packages.
  • Plan ahead, package properly, and track shipments with FedEx Delivery Manager for a smooth experience.

Understanding the FedEx Holiday Schedule

FedEx, like most of us, observes specific holidays. Their holiday schedule results in a curtailment of certain services at their FedEx Office locations.

FedEx services are generally closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

FedEx Service Modifications During Holidays

When you look at the FedEx holiday schedule table that the company shares every year, you’ll notice that some dates have modified services. What do these modified FedEx services mean?

During the holiday season, or on some of the holidays stated above, FedEx modifies its delivery and pickup services on specific dates. Depending on the type of service and holiday, some areas may have early pickups or are unavailable for Sunday deliveries. There may also be delays because of the USPS observing a certain holiday.

In other words, even though you’ve shipped your package on time, it might be delivered a little bit later than expected due to these modifications. These service modifications can affect all types of services – FedEx Express, Ground, Home Delivery, and Freight.

So whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, it’s important to be aware of these changes and plan your shipments accordingly.

  • Modified Delivery Services
    • Certain modifications are implemented to FedEx delivery services during the holiday season or on other holidays they observe.
  • FedEx Express may extend its working hours, adjust its line haul schedules, and alter its services on specific holidays or the days leading to them.
    • For example, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Columbus Day, or the Day before Veterans Day, FedEx holiday hours are modified for Express and Ground Economy.
  • Some areas will have early on-call and drop box pickups. Even FedEx Freight operates under a modified schedule, being open only for prearranged pickup and delivery shipments on certain days like Good Friday, the day before Independence Day, or December 26.
  • If you’re planning to use FedEx Freight for your holiday shipments, don’t forget to arrange your pickups and deliveries in advance. It’s essential to plan your pickups ahead of time and to keep these limitations in mind.
  • FedEx Holiday Schedule Key Dates and Modified Services
    • The timing of your shipments is as crucial as the content of the packages. In addition to the dates listed above where FedEx office locations will not be in operation, below are some important holidays to keep in mind and the types of service and delivery modifications that the company may impose.
    • Be sure to plan ahead if you have packages to ship on the following days:
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Observed on the 3rd Monday of January each year, this is a federal holiday in the United States. It’s a celebration of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • FedEx Ground, Home Delivery, and Freight are available on this day. However, FedEx Express will have early on-call or drop box pickups in some locations, while Ground Delivery services may be delayed because USPS will be observing the holiday.
  • Presidents Day – FedEx will be operating normally on Presidents Day, but there will be modified services for Express and Ground Economy. FedEx Express packages will have modified pickup hours since there may be delays because of USPS for Ground Delivery.
    • Presidents Day is celebrated every third Monday of February. In 2024, it will be on February 19.
  • Good Friday – On Good Friday, FedEx Express will have early on-call pickups in some areas. FedEx Freight will have a modified line haul schedule.
  • Day Before Easter – On the day before Easter, only FedEx Express and FedEx Home Delivery will be open. For the rest of their services — Ground, Ground Economy, and Freight — FedEx will be closed on this day.
  • Juneteenth – Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the United States. FedEx services are open on this day and will operate normally.
  • Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples’ Day) – Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples’ Day) is a federal holiday commemorating the discovery of the Americas. In 2024, it will be observed on October 14.
    • FedEx services for Ground, Home Delivery, and Freight are open on this day. For FedEx Express, there may be early on-call pickups in some areas. For FedEx Ground Economy, there may be delays due to USPS observation of the holiday.
  • Day Before and Day After Thanksgiving – On the day before Thanksgiving, FedEx Express will have modified service. Other services will have normal operating hours.
    • On the day after Thanksgiving, FedEx Express will have modified service while FedEx Freight will be closed. Ground, Home Delivery, and Ground Economy will be operating as normal.
  • Are There FedEx Services on Sundays?
    • The weekend schedule for FedEx deliveries depends on the type of service:
  • FedEx Home Delivery – Yes, FedEx Home Delivery is available for Saturday and Sunday deliveries. It’s a type of ground delivery that operates every day of the week and delivers to over 98% of the U.S. population.
  • FedEx Express – The delivery schedule for FedEx Express is Monday to Friday. For a fee, they’ll be able to do deliveries on a Saturday.
  • FedEx Ground – This FedEx service is for delivery to a business. These are not delivered on weekends, only on weekdays.
  • Day Before and Day After Thanksgiving – On the day before Thanksgiving, FedEx Express will have modified service. Other services will have normal operating hours.
  • How Long Do FedEx Deliveries Take?
    • FedEx Ground and Home Delivery will typically take 1 to 5 business days in the contiguous United States and 3 to 7 business days to Alaska and Hawaii. Hours of delivery are typically 8AM to 8PM.
    • FedEx Express is for urgent deliveries and takes only 1 to 3 days.

Domestic FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines

The holiday season often brings about an increase in domestic shipping due to the overall hustle and bustle. And when it comes to domestic shipping, there are three main FedEx services to consider: Ground, Express, and Freight, each with its own set of deadlines.

A clear understanding of these deadlines, whether you’re a business owner shipping products or simply sending out gifts, can simplify your holiday shipping experience.

Let’s delve into the specific deadlines for each of these services, ensuring your gifts are nestled under the tree in time for the festivities for you and your customers.

  • Ground Shipping Deadlines
    • Ground shipping is a reliable and cost-effective way to send your packages across the country. During the holiday rush, it becomes necessary to ship your packages slightly earlier to guarantee timely arrival.
    • For Thanksgiving, the magic date is November 22nd. And if you want Christmas gifts to make it under the tree, you should send them by Friday, December 16th.
    • It’s always a good idea to ship as early as possible, as unexpected weather conditions or other factors could potentially cause delays.
  • Express Shipping Deadlines
    • Express shipping becomes the preferred choice when swift delivery is paramount. With FedEx Express, you get speedy and reliable service, ensuring your packages reach their destination in the blink of an eye. But even with express shipping, you need to keep an eye on the calendar.
      • The FedEx holiday shipping deadlines for FedEx’s domestic express shipping services fall between December 19 and 22. So if you’re looking for guaranteed Christmas delivery using FedEx Express shipping, make sure you ship by Friday, December 22.
      • Please note that FedEx Express shipping is not operational during public holidays.
  • Freight Shipping Deadlines
    • Freight shipping is the perfect solution for larger packages that exceed the standard shipping size. When it comes to FedEx Freight, there are several deadlines to consider, depending on how quickly you need your packages delivered.
      • For instance, if you’re planning to send a large gift that needs to be there for the New Year’s Day celebrations, you should ship by December 12.
      • And if it’s a Christmas gift, you’ve got until December 21, provided you’re using FedEx Ground 1-Day Shipping.

Remember, FedEx Freight provides Saturday delivery options during the holiday season, which can be a real lifesaver for those last-minute shipments.

International FedEx Shipping Deadlines for Holidays

Next, we’ll turn our attention to the deadlines for international shipping. If you have loved ones overseas or if you’re an international seller, you’ll need to be aware of FedEx’s International Priority and Economy service deadlines.

International shipping deadlines can be a bit earlier than domestic ones, so it’s essential to plan ahead to ensure your holiday packages cross borders in time for the holiday shipping deadlines and holiday celebrations.

  • FedEx International Priority
    • Should you need a package to reach an international destination quickly, FedEx International Priority is one of the FedEx services tailored for you, ensuring a timely FedEx delivery.
    • To ensure your package reaches its destination before the holiday festivities begin, you’ll need to ship by Wednesday, December 20.
    • And remember, FedEx International Priority doesn’t operate on the following major holidays:
      • Independence Day
      • Labor Day
      • Christmas Day
      • Thanksgiving Day
  • FedEx International Economy
    • FedEx International Economy provides a more cost-effective option for international shipping. This service takes a bit longer than International Priority, but it can save you some money if your shipping schedule is flexible.
    • The holiday deadline for FedEx International Economy falls on Tuesday, December 19, so if you’re planning to use this service, make sure you ship your packages a day earlier than the International Priority deadline.
    • Remember, FedEx International Economy operates from Monday to Friday, making it a reliable choice for your non-urgent international shipments.

Tips for a Smooth FedEx Holiday Shipping Experience

Equipped with knowledge of FedEx holiday schedules, shipping deadlines, and service modifications, we can now explore some useful tips to streamline your holiday shipping experience throughout the year. From planning ahead and packaging properly to tracking shipments, these tried-and-tested tips will ensure your packages reach their destinations without any hiccups.

So whether you’re a business owner looking to deliver your products on time or someone wanting to send holiday gifts to your loved ones, these tips will come in handy and help you stay on top of your holiday shipping game.

  • Plan Ahead
    • As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm,” and this adage is particularly applicable to holiday shipping. FedEx advises shipping 5 to 7 business days in advance to ensure your packages reach their destinations on time.
    • In addition, Mondays are anticipated to be the busiest shipping days during the holiday season, so why wait until the last minute? Start planning your shipments early, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about during the holiday rush.
  • Package Properly
    • To safeguard your packages, proper packaging is of paramount importance. FedEx recommends the following steps. Following these steps will help ensure that your packages are protected during package delivery services:
  1. Wrap products individually with at least 2” thickness of air-cellular cushioning or foam material.
  2. Use a corrugated fiberboard box.
  3. Restrict product movement inside the box with filler material like crumpled newspaper or loosefill peanuts.
  • And if you’re shipping fragile items, follow these steps to help prevent damage to your fragile packages during transit:
  1. Select a box slightly larger than the item.
  2. Wrap the item in bubble wrap or cushioning material.
  3. Fill any remaining empty spaces in the box with more padding.
  4. Clearly label the box as ‘fragile’.
  5. Secure the box with strong packing tape.
  • Track Your Shipments
    • Finally, but very importantly, keeping track of your shipments is essential.
    • FedEx provides a tracking number for each shipment, which you can use on the FedEx website or app to get live updates about your package’s location.
    • You can also enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager to take advantage of FedEx Home Delivery services which allows you to:
      • Receive notifications and updates about your shipments.
      • Stay informed about the status of your shipments.
      • Make necessary arrangements for receiving the packages.


  • Navigating the FedEx holiday schedule and service dates might seem like a daunting task at first glance, but once you understand the key dates and deadlines, service modifications, and the importance of appropriate packaging, it becomes a manageable task.
  • Keep in mind that planning ahead is the secret to a stress-free holiday shipping experience, no matter the courier you use.
  • Start early, package properly, and keep an eye on your shipments.
  • These simple steps can make a world of difference in ensuring your packages reach their destinations on time.
  • Whether you run a business or you need this information for personal reasons, knowing the 2024 FedEx holiday shipping deadlines and service schedule is crucial for smooth shipping success.
  • Put these tips into action and prepare for a smooth FedEx holiday shipping experience this year.

Happy Holiday Shipping in 2024!