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Snail Mail Never Fails: 6 Reasons Why Postal Mail is Still A Necessity

Think postal mail is over and done? Not so fast.

Even though we live in a digital age, postal mail is surprisingly still relevant and necessary.

Many are surprised when they realize that postal mail is still an essential aspect of our communication ecosystem for certain businesses.

Here are a few reasons the old dependable snail mail is still a necessity today:

1. Trust is A Must

In a world where we’re incessantly bombarded with scam emails and social media swindles, we tend to put more trust in tangible correspondence like postal mail. 

That’s one of the many reasons some organizations still send serious and timely correspondence via the postal service.

For example, health insurance providers will only communicate health care plan changes, cancellations, and other essential transactions via postal mail. Other vital documents that often make their way to us via postal mail are:

  • Jury duty notices and court documents
  • Parking/camera tickets and other civic business
  • Correspondence from financial institutions, employers, and clients:
  • Banks send out statements, 1099’s, etc.
  • Customers and employers send W2s and other financial/tax-related documents
  • Investment firms send financial statements, prospectuses, and change notices

The postal service may not be the fastest, but it’s frequently utilized and trusted to deliver no matter what. 

2. A Personal Touch

There’s no doubt that the personal touch goes a long way when building relationships with customers and partners, and one aspect of our digital age is the challenge of maintaining that personal touch.

Fortunately, many businesses still take the time to send cards and gifts, especially around the holidays, which is a great way to express appreciation to clients and vendors.

Postal mail is still here to help us put that splash of “personal” on our correspondence. And our thoughtful postal mail gestures won’t get overlooked, unlike an email in the sea of messages in our inboxes. Direct mail via USPS is making a comeback because email can be overwhelming. 

3. Still A Bargain

For just 58 cents, you can send a letter anywhere in the U.S.

You could argue that email is free, of course. But when you think about the cost of a computer, internet service, and email software, it isn’t entirely free. When you run a business, every penny counts.

Additionally, with postal mail, you don’t have to worry about spam filters blocking your messages from getting to where they need to go. 

4. 3X Open Rate of Email

We all receive physical postal mailers with marketing messages.

Imagine if that same message had been sent to you via email. Would you have even noticed it in your inbox? Most likely, no. Or if you do, you delete without opening.

While a “good” open rate for an email campaign is 25%, the average open rate for postal mail can reach 90%. That’s a lot more communication getting through. And a lot more opportunities to connect and convert. 

The physical tangibility of postal mail can make a big impression on the recipient while driving up your open rate.

5. More Options

With postal mail, there are all kinds of fun choices when it comes to the type of correspondence, including:

  • Personalized letters
  • Creatively designed postcards
  • Packages of all shapes or sizes
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Die-cut marketing pieces

This versatility allows you to customize your communication.

For example, postcards are a cool option for sending a direct mail marketing campaign. They are simple to produce and inexpensive.

6. Built to Last

Despite decades of predictions that postal mail would disappear, it’s quite alive and well.

In 2022, the volume of mail delivered by the USPS was 127.3 billion units. Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, are driving the snail mail comeback trend as they gravitate towards 80s nostalgia, before the time of the internet, emails, and social media. 

Snail mail is not going away anytime soon.

Best of Both Worlds 

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