Mail and Business Center Case Study

Mail and Business Center Case Study

December 2016

PostNet Center Profile

Anytime Mailbox has been working with a PostNet franchise owner for over a year. This center has requested to remain anonymous, but has kindly agreed to let us share the success they have had with Anytime Mailbox thus far. This center has been in business for three years and is located in a major city.


  • The highly competitive metropolitan market this center is located in called for creative ways to better serve new and existing customers and needed to stand out among the crowd.
  • PostNet employees were already working at near-full capacity and any new venture to grow business could not be time consuming. The owner wanted a service where customers could feel tended to and supported without heavily drawing from an employee’s day.
  • Retail space is very expensive in this city area, which meant center floor space had to be used wisely.

Why Anytime Mailbox

  • No out of pocket expenses needed to begin generating new revenue.
  • Private labeled platform enables promotion of brand locally and globally.
  • Ability to customize the pricing and available services offered to customers.
  • Frequent and automatic software updates based on user feedback. Intuitive design ensures maximum efficiency when uploading and managing mail.
  • Anytime Mailbox’s customer generation website brings new customers without engaging the staff.
  • Satisfy an increasing demand for virtual mailboxes.


This PostNet center has received in excess of 40 new customers, bringing in well over $400 of revenue each month. Offering virtual mailboxes provides new recurring revenue in an innovative way, while efficiently using time and existing resources. Time invested in Anytime Mailbox is time well spent and lucrative.

By The Numbers

Recurring Revenue


Gross Margin


Net Profit Year 1


Net Profit Year 2


Anytime Mailbox is easy to work with. This is a great way to increase your mailbox customers without taking valuable floor space from your center with additional physical mailboxes.

– PostNet Franchise Owner