How Coworking Can Leverage Better Services

January 2017

Coworking Revenue Amplified

Located in the heart of Lakewood Ranch, Florida is Cowork LWR an up and coming coworking center that has been in business for over one year. We all know that first year of business is filled with excitement, joy and at times disappointment. But for past nine months, this coworking center has been consistently generating new streams of revenue leveraging Anytime Mailbox. This case study will highlight their success.


The highly competitive market called for creative ways to generate clients and stand out among the crowd.
Postal mail management is a cost center and service level expectations are difficult to meet.
Develop a process, which improves workflow, reduces operational overhead, and delights customers.

Why Anytime Mailbox

No out of pocket expenses needed to begin generating new revenue.
Private labeled platform enables promotion of brand locally and globally.
Ability to customize the pricing and available services offered to customers.
Anytime Mailbox’s customer generation website brings new customers without engaging the staff.
Satisfy an increasing demand for virtual mailboxes.
Frequent and automatic software updates based on user feedback. Intuitive design ensures maximum efficiency when uploading and managing mail.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Since leveraging Anytime Mailbox this business center has brought in over $1,100 of revenue each month and has received in excess of over 40 new customers. In addition to the amazing service and results, this business has seen a majority of the new clients upgrade to high cost offerings

New Revenue Generated With Anytime Mailbox

From zero to recurring revenue:
Recurring Revenue
Gross Margin
Net Profit Year 1
Net Profit Year 2
Anytime Mailbox is easy to work with. This is a great way to increase your virtual client base, grow revenue, and streamline your mail for your clients.
- Keith Pandeloglou, Cowork LWR

Postal has gone digital, do you offer virtual mail?

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