The Executive Centre (TEC) Taps Anytime Mailbox for Digital Mailbox Solutions, Enables Rapid Scaling Across Asia-Pacific Region

August 17, 2020

The Executive Centre (TEC) has officially announced a partnership with Anytime Mailbox for expansion in digital mailbox services, and white label software development. This major development enables TEC to further solidify its reputation as the most forward thinking, innovative, and premium flexible workspace operator in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

“The virtual mailbox delivers key capabilities and features which enhances our services to further conveniently satisfy our clients' demand for their postal mail management,” said Chris Pennicott, Corporate Director of Operations at TEC.

“The UX-focused design ensures that our clients find it simple to use while our teams in each market are able to brand it appropriately. Most importantly, Anytime Mailbox delivers outstanding, responsive customer support at every touchpoint, critical to our success in this fast-paced and Covid-19 business climate, which is particularly valuable,” said Pennicott.

The Executive Centre delivers premium serviced office solutions, including virtual offices and enterprise solutions throughout their Grade A / core CBD locations in the Asia-Pacific region. Anytime Mailbox is tasked with providing white label digital mailbox software solutions, enabling TEC’s Members to manage their postal mail anytime, anywhere, via an app-based digital mailbox service.

Additionally, Anytime Mailbox is developing mission critical software solutions designed to address the unique challenges and demanding requirements of a Tier 1 business which serves a select global clientele in major Asian-Pacific business centers.

Matt Going, Anytime Mailbox CEO & Co-founder explained, “We’ve made significant investments in operator and customer support, as well as in ease of use and innovative design that have enabled us to continue evolving and working toward our national and international goals."

Marcel Buechi, Anytime Mailbox, CTO & Co-founder, added, “We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as not just a preferred virtual mailbox software solutions provider, but as a technology partner of choice. As a fully distributed company with key teams located in Los Angeles, Singapore, and Manila, Anytime Mailbox’s worldwide presence enables us to better understand and serve the needs of our global enterprise customers.”

To learn more about Anytime Mailbox, the company’s white label digital mailbox solutions, or software development services, visit

About Anytime Mailbox:
Anytime Mailbox is a leading technology company providing turnkey solutions for postal mail virtualization into the cloud. The easy-to-use app-based platform allows business centers, corporate enterprises, PO box store operators, and other mailroom managers to provide customers with access to their physical mail via a mobile device or a computer. The service offering does not require server hardware or technology staff, and enables companies to offer digital mailboxes under their own brand name. Anytime Mailbox currently services over 770 locations across the United States and Internationally.

About The Executive Centre:
The Executive Centre (TEC) opened its doors in 1994 and today boasts over 135+ Centres in 32 cities and 14 countries. It is the third largest premium flexible workspace business in Asia with annual turnover in excess of US$275 million. The Executive Centre caters to ambitious professionals and industry leaders and has built a global network spanning Greater China, Southeast Asia, North Asia, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Australia, with sights to go further and grow faster. For more information, visit