Anytime Mailbox Debuts API to Allow Operators to Easily Integrate Branded Digital Mailbox Solutions

September 14, 2020

Anytime Mailbox, the largest global provider of digital mailbox services, with over 800 locations in 25 countries currently, has officially rolled out its API for mail center operators. The API delivers critical capabilities to operating partners that enable fully integrated Anytime Mailboxes best of breed services within the operating partner’s existing platforms. This creates a truly white label, single platform experience for the operator’s customers. “We’re not the only digital mailbox software developer out there,” explained Marcel Buechi, CTO & Co-founder of the company. “However, we are the largest, and that’s for good reason – our advantage is that the front and backend systems are simpler to use and feature intuitive controls, as well as a secure digital experience.”

The API allows operating partners to build their brand on the success of Anytime Mailbox and the company’s software. Digital mailbox platforms take just minutes to customize and brand, and partners enjoy robust security and tremendous accessibility for the customers. There are no contracts to sign, and operators only pay for the services they utilize.

Digital security is a critical component of the API, which is built around REST. This offers predictable, resource-oriented URLs and the ability to accept form-encoded request bodies, return industry standard JSON formatted responses, and use standard HTTPS response codes and authentication. API keys are used to authenticate all requests, which are made over HTTPS. “With our API, operators can quickly and easily create a branded platform and offer their customers access to digital mailboxes, which are secured with best-of-breed technology,” summed up Buechi.