Anytime Mailbox Selected by Retail Shipping Associates to Join the “RS Premium Supplier” Program

October 27, 2021

Retail Shipping Associates (RSA) is the leading trade organization supporting the retail shipping community across the US, counting over 7,000 Mailbox Business Centers in their membership. The pandemic underscored the essential service that Mailbox Business Centers provide to the proper functioning of the US economy.

Matt Going, Anytime Mailbox’s CEO & Co-Founder, said, “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Retail Shipping Associates to provide a robust incentive which helps their membership kickstart a Virtual Mailbox offering.

Mr. Going added, “There’s been vast digitization which has fueled the normalization of digital tools like Anytime Mailbox’s virtual mailbox software. So, we’re happy to support the retail shipping community, through our partnership with Retail Shipping Associates, in expanding the adoption of Virtual Mailboxes far and wide.”

Through the RSA Premium Supplier Program, Anytime Mailbox provides a healthy discount to Retail Shipping Associates Premium Members when they sign up as an Anytime Mailbox Virtual Mailbox partner.

Brandon Gale, Retail Shipping Associates President stated, “We’ve witnessed how the Anytime Mailbox team has built a top tier business with a Virtual Mailbox software product that generates incredible value to Mailbox Business Centers and the retail shipping community overall. And they do everything right, from their software and excellent customer support to digital marketing, which drives thousands of signups to their operating partners. So, it’s no surprise that we are happy to have them on board to boost our membership in establishing a Virtual Mailbox offering.”

Anytime Mailbox joins the ranks of RSA Premium Suppliers, including DHL Express, Chubb, Intuit, Aflac, and PostalMate. To learn more about Anytime Mailbox’s RS Premium Supplier and discount offered to RS Premium Members, please go to –…emID/173