Goin’ Postal – Nationwide Franchise Chain of Shipping & Receiving Stores Taps Anytime Mailbox as Approved Virtual Mailbox Provider

June 28, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Anytime Mailbox, the global leader in virtual postal mail management software solutions, is proud to announce an agreement with GP Brands Inc., one of the fastest-growing franchise retail shipping companies in the country, as an approved virtual mailbox provider.

Now spanning over 150 locations across the USA, Goin’ Postal’s network is well-positioned to take advantage of the growth in virtual mailboxes.

“The combination of intuitive software, responsive customer support, and relentless digital marketing made our decision to work with Anytime Mailbox a no-brainer,” said James Hall, CEO of GP Brands Inc., the franchisor of Goin’ Postal.

Indeed, Anytime Mailbox’s operator and customer support teams are renowned for helping operators in clutch situations. Being available from 6 AM to Midnight every day (Pacific Time) helps.

“Goin’ Postal is built on great customer service, fair rates, and attention to detail within our extended business family…We see a franchisee’s success as ours, and the addition of an Anytime Mailbox virtual mailbox offering will help our operators/franchisees to continue to rise above the competition”, added James Hall.

“We believe Goin’ Postal’s quick scale-up from 2004 to today syncs seamlessly with Anytime Mailbox’s scrappy, get-it-done attitude and phenomenal growth. We’re thrilled that Goin’ Postal selected us to help their operators/franchisees achieve next-level results with a virtual mailbox offering”, stated Matt Going, Anytime Mailbox’s CEO & Co-founder.

Beyond retail shipping & receiving, Goin’ Postal locations offer copying, faxing, cards, unique gift items, fingerprinting, shredding, and office supplies. Its dedicated staff continues to provide support and training from its corporate headquarters overlooking the lake in Zephyr Park, Florida, and its downtown corporate store.

About Goin’ Postal
Founded by Marcus Price in Zephyrhills, FL, in 2002, Goin’ Postal quickly became a hit. Their first location exceeded expectations by turning a consistent profit within two years of operation, ahead of projections.

Fueled by this early success, Goin’ Postal expanded by sharing that success and its systems via franchising in early 2004.

With a low franchise fee and flat-fee royalty structure that differentiated favorably from competitors, Goin’ Postal rose among the industry leaders in the retail shipping sector.

About Anytime Mailbox
Anytime Mailbox is a leading technology company providing turnkey solutions for postal mail virtualization into the cloud.

The easy-to-use app-based platform allows business centers, corporate enterprises, PO box store operators, and other mailroom managers to provide customers with access to their physical mail via a mobile device or a computer.

Anytime Mailbox’s virtual mailbox offering does not require server hardware or tech staff. It enables retail shipping & receiving businesses to offer digital mailboxes under their own brand name. Anytime Mailbox currently services over 1,600 operator locations across the United States and internationally.