Anytime Mailbox Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

August 1, 2023

Los Angeles, CAAnytime Mailbox and its virtual mailbox network celebrate 10 years of business this month.

Founders Matt Going and Marcel Buechi started the business in their home offices, working with their first operator mail locations and renters in the fall of 2013.

Now, with 1,950+ locations in the U.S. and worldwide, Anytime Mailbox has proven that it can provide technology solutions for small businesses, digital nomads, frequent travelers, families and individuals, and more. The company provides real street addresses so virtual mailbox renters can start companies, travel, take on a side hustle, and feel safer – all without missing a piece of mail.

Anytime Mailbox provides all renters with a street address to receive physical postal mail and packages, gives renters the freedom to access all their mail digitally from an app on their mobile device, and provides a much-needed layer of privacy protection.

Additionally, Anytime Mailbox has advocated for the work-from-home, digital nomad lifestyle since its inception. Anytime Mailbox itself started and continues to be a decentralized organization, allowing team members to work remotely.

“We truly have a worldwide team that has helped us accomplish our goals. Anytime Mailbox has continued to grow successfully each year by treating our renters, operators, and team members like family. I’m excited to see what we do over the next 10 years,” says Marcel Buechi, Anytime Mailbox CTO & co-founder.

“We’ve come a long way to create this vast network of operators. It’s thrilling to see how many locations we’re now working with, providing renters with an additional address and giving our partners an opportunity to drive incremental revenue,” says Buechi.

Matt Going, Anytime Mailbox CEO & co-founder, added, “It’s so rewarding to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary. We didn’t do this alone. With strong partnerships with our mail centers and our incredible team, we’ve passed this important threshold. I’m deeply proud to be part of our Anytime Mailbox family.”

About Anytime Mailbox
Anytime Mailbox is a leading provider of virtual mailbox software technology. The company provides virtual mailbox solutions to over 2,000 mailbox business centers and coworking locations across the U.S. and internationally. The easy-to-use, app-based platform allows operator partners to provide their customers access to their physical mail via a mobile device or a computer.