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Your Mail’s Journey: An Essential Guide to the USPS Regional Facility

If you’ve tracked a package and read ‘Arrived at USPS Regional Facility,’ you may be curious about where exactly it is and what happens next. This guide demystifies the inner workings of these crucial mail hubs, outlines their impact on your package’s journey, and offers practical tips for the smoothest shipping experience.

What is a USPS Regional Facility?

A USPS regional facility is a warehouse where mail and packages are processed and distributed. It’s like the clearing house of the postal service where pieces of mail are organized so that they’re delivered to the right address.

  • USPS regional facilities play an intrinsic role in the new USPS delivery plan.
  • These different USPS regional facilities, also known as network distribution centers, or Sorting & Delivery Centers (S&DC), are strategically positioned to streamline the network by:
    • Establishing larger, more efficient facilities.
    • Reducing transportation trips.
    • Sorting mail into various groups.
    • Breaking down mail from original traveling pallets.
    • Reshuffling mail into another pallet before proceeding with their journey.
  • These facilities are designed to enhance customer service through an efficient logistics system that sorts and routes mail while also facilitating standardized and easily managed operations.
  • Understanding where these facilities are located can give you a glimpse into your mail’s journey and the streamlined procedures that guarantee prompt delivery.

Is My Mail Safe at a USPS Regional Facility?

SInce mail security is a top priority at USPS regional facilities, your mail and packages are safe at a USPS distribution center or regional facility. The USPS employs a variety of security measures, including:

  • Robust surveillance systems.
  • Reporting of unfamiliar individuals and unbadged visitors.
  • Protected postal vehicles.
  • Access control systems.
  • Cutting-edge package tracking technologies.
  • Secure doors and cameras.
  • Staged mail.
  • Scheduled delivery procedures that require permission.

USPS also takes active measures such as securing unattended vehicles, locking empty trailers, and implementing initiatives like Project Safe Delivery to prevent crime.

These postal facilities, being federally protected properties under the United States Postal Service, serve as pivotal centers for managing the flow of mail nationwide, thereby ensuring the safeguarding of entrusted items.

Where are USPS Regional Facilities?

Destination ZIPNDC nameLocation
005, 066, 068-079, 085-119New Jersey NDC Jersey City, NJ
006-009, 313-317, 320-342, 344, 346-347, 349, 398Jacksonville NDC Jacksonville, FL
010-065, 067, 120-129Springfield NDC Springfield, MA
080-084, 169-199, 254Philadelphia NDC Philadelphia, PA
130-168, 260, 265, 439-449Pittsburgh NDC Warrendale, PA
200-212, 214-239, 244, 267-268Washington NDC Capitol Heights, MD
240-241, 243, 245, 270-297, 299Greensboro NDC Greensboro, NC
242, 298, 300-312, 318-319, 350-352, 354-368, 373-374376-379, 394, 395, 399, 407-409, 417-418, 425-426Atlanta NDC Atlanta, GA
246-253, 255-259, 261-264, 266, 400-406, 410-416, 427430-433, 437-438, 450-462, 469-474, 478-479Cincinnati NDC Cincinnati, OH
369-372, 375, 380-393, 396-397, 421-422, 700-701703-708, 716-717, 719-729Memphis NDC Memphis, TN
420, 423-424, 475-477, 609, 613-620, 622-631, 633-634, 636-639St. Louis NDC Hazelwood, MO
434-436, 465-468, 480-497Detroit NDC Allen Park, MI
463-464, 530-532, 534-535, 537-539, 549, 600-608, 610-611Chicago NDC Forest Park, IL
498-499, 540-548, 550-551, 553-567, 576, 580-588Minneapolis–Saint Paul NDC Eagan, MN
500-516, 520-528, 570-575, 577, 612, 680-681, 683-689Des Moines NDC Des Moines, IA
590-599, 677, 690-693, 800-816, 820-834, 836-837, 840-847850-853, 855-857, 859-860, 863, 865, 870-871, 873-879, 884, 898, 979Denver NDC Denver, CO
635, 640-641, 644-658, 660-662, 664-676, 678Kansas City NDC Kansas City, KS
679, 710-714, 718, 730-731, 733-741, 743-770, 772-799, 880-883, 885Dallas NDC Dallas, TX
835, 838, 970-978, 980-986, 988-999Seattle NDC Federal Way, WA
864, 889-891, 893, 900-908, 910-928, 930-935Los Angeles NDC Bell Gardens, CA
894-895, 897, 936-969San Francisco NDC Richmond, CA
Source: Wikipedia, Network distribution center

USPS currently has 22 locations in its network of distribution centers. They’re located in 19 states across the United States.

The table above shows the destination zip codes that each regional facility handles. If you want to find out which facility is nearest your address, use the zip codes as reference points. 

How Long Does a Package Stay at a Regional Facility?

Your mail or package will typically be at a distribution center for one to two days. However, there are several factors that may result in a delivery delay.

  • Factors that can impact delivery timelines include:
    • The volume of mail.
    • Travel distance.
    • The number of facilities a package must navigate through.
  • The duration for which mail can remain at a USPS Regional Facility varies, ranging from a few hours to several days, and is influenced by factors such as:
    • The volume of mail being processed.
    • Seasonal variations.
    • Weather conditions.
    • Operational challenges.
    • Equipment malfunctions.

What Does “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility” Status Mean?

When your mail status reads “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility,” it indicates that your mail has reached a USPS regional destination facility. This hub is where your mail undergoes processing before heading to its next stop.

  • At this stage, your mail is securely stored, scanned with other mail pieces, and often sorted automatically by the regional facility handlers.
  • It may traverse through several regional facilities before it ultimately reaches its intended destination.
  • When you get a notification that your mail has arrived at a regional facility, it usually means that your mail is being prepared for the subsequent stage of delivery, which includes its transfer to a mail carrier.
  • If a package has a considerable distance to cover before reaching its ultimate destination, it may be directed to another regional distribution facility closer to the delivery address.
    • However, if the package is already near its destination, it will be transferred to the nearest distribution center, then to the local post office, and ultimately delivered to the recipient’s designated address.
  • The number of regional facilities a mail piece visits before being delivered is dependent on the location of origin and destination. 

Tips to Make Mail Delivery Faster

To avoid having your mail or packages stuck at a distribution center, here are some tips to always keep in mind:

  • You can enhance mail delivery efficiency by verifying the recipient’s address before sending mail.
    • This precaution helps avoid issues like receiving a ‘stuck in transit’ notification or dealing with lost mail.
    • USPS provides guidelines for accurately formatting postal addresses, as well as tools and services for the verification of addresses before sending mail.
  • Being proactive and sending mail in advance during peak seasons (such as the holiday season) can enhance the efficiency of delivery by decreasing the mail volume and minimizing delivery delays.

Finding Help and Information

In case your mail or package is stuck in regional facility limbo, you can access various resources for assistance from USPS. These include:

  • Completing an online form on their official website.
  • Visiting a local post office.
  • Contacting the USPS Mailing & Shipping Solutions Center for immediate support.

The USPS website also has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that covers a wide range of topics, including tracking packages, shipping rates, mail services, and other relevant information.


  • Understanding the journey of your mail through the USPS system can not only provide you with a sense of control but also help you better manage your postal expectations.
  • Be it understanding the status updates, leveraging USPS resources, or streamlining your postal experience with virtual mailbox services, each step can enhance your overall postal service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a package stay at the USPS regional facility?

  • Packages at a USPS regional facility usually stay for a day or two before being sent out, but in some cases, they might stay longer depending on the volume of mail.

Can I pick up my package from the USPS regional facility?

  • Yes. You can pick up your package from a USPS regional facility by requesting to hold it for pickup through USPS customer service or using the “Hold for Pickup” option during delivery arrangements. This option allows you to collect your package from the facility directly.

After leaving a USPS facility, how soon after will my mail be delivered?

  • Your mail or package may still pass several steps before reaching your address. In some cases, you’ll get notifications that it has reached a regional facility several times.
  • If your mail is coming from the same city, it will pass through only one facility.
  • When a package reaches the regional facility closest to the recipient’s address, it may be in the recipient’s mailbox within the next day or two.
  • For mail being sent across the country, it may pass through three or more regional facilities before reaching the destination address.