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What Is USPS Street Addressing: The Key to Enhanced Mail Delivery

What is USPS Street Addressing? It’s a question many mail recipients seeking a broader range of delivery options ask. Street addressing from USPS combines the privacy of a post office box with the flexibility of a street address, enabling you to receive packages from various carriers, not just USPS. 

This article will lead you through the mechanics of this service, illustrate its practical benefits, and guide you on how to integrate it seamlessly into your mail-receiving routine.

Key Takeaways

  • USPS Street Addressing allows PO Box address holders to use a street address to receive mail, offering more flexibility and compatibility with private carriers like UPS and FedEx.
  • This service benefits users by enhancing privacy and security, and providing a professional image, both of which can be advantageous for business owners and may result in faster mail delivery thanks to more efficient sorting processes.
  • When setting up USPS Street Addressing, it’s crucial to follow the correct registration process, select an appropriate and secure location, and ensure that your mailing address is regularly updated to avoid delivery issues.

What is USPS Street Addressing?

USPS Street Addressing is a mail delivery tool that accommodates various mail recipients’ needs. On the surface, it might seem like just another way to receive street addressed mail. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find it’s a system that goes beyond traditional post office box addresses, offering both practicality and versatility.

  • This system enables the use of a specific street address for a post office box (PO Box), broadening the delivery options for the box holder.
  • It’s a beneficial option for anyone, from the individual who values privacy to the business owner who wants to project a professional image.

You might wonder how USPS Street Addressing compares to traditional PO Box addressing. Let’s unpack those details:

Definition and Purpose

  • USPS Street Addressing is a mail delivery system that transcends the conventional PO Box address system.
  • It allows recipients to use a street address for receiving mail, a feature that greatly expands their receiving capabilities.
  • This system primarily serves as a PO box service, supported by the postal service, to enable customers to:
    • Receive packages and deliveries from private carriers like UPS and FedEx.
    • Access features otherwise inaccessible to traditional PO Box address holders.
    • Enjoy convenience and flexibility.
    • Choose USPS Street Addressing as a preferred option.

Street Addressing vs. PO Box Addressing

  • Street addresses and PO boxes are different in several ways, beginning with their format.
  • A PO Box requires a specific format with a unique box number, while street addresses typically include a house or apartment number.
  • Remember, when both a home address and the PO Box address appear on an envelope, USPS will usually deliver to the PO Box by default.
  • A physical street address is necessary for business registration and can receive packages from all carriers, while a traditional PO Box is limited to USPS deliveries.
    • However, USPS provides a PO Box Street Address (PBSA) format, which allows shipments from private carriers to be delivered to a PO Box by pairing the box number with the street address of the post office.
  • While PO Boxes are chosen for their security and privacy, USPS has an economic preference for them as they are cost-effective, requiring no additional transportation to individual street locations.

The Benefits of USPS Street Addressing

The benefits of USPS Street Addressing reach far beyond the convenience of receiving mail. Its usage can enhance privacy and security, project a professional image, and lead to faster mail delivery.

Let’s outline these benefits comprehensively:

Enhanced Privacy and Security

  • One of the significant benefits of USPS Street Addressing is the enhanced privacy it offers. It allows individuals and businesses to:
    • Keep their personal addresses confidential, thus preserving their privacy.
    • Provide a reliable way to receive mail.
      • This is particularly beneficial to businesses that need to adhere to privacy-related regulations requiring a physical address.
  • Furthermore, USPS Street Addressing offers the following benefits:
    • Bolsters privacy and security.
      • Virtual mailbox services associated with USPS Street Addressing offer increased security through mail scanning and electronic notification features.
    • Regularly updating address records with USPS is crucial to protect privacy and ensure mail is delivered to the correct, secure location, thus preventing privacy breaches.

Professional Image

USPS Street Addressing can significantly contribute to the professional image of a business:

  • A street address, as compared to Post Office Boxes, suggests a permanent and legitimate operation, which can increase customer trust and business credibility.
  • Incorporating a physical street address into marketing materials can convey a professional image and reassure clients of the business’s legitimacy.
    • This is particularly beneficial for online ordering, as some merchants do not allow shipping to a PO Box address.
  • When it comes to portraying a professional image, using a commercial address is a wise choice.

Faster Mail Delivery

USPS Street Addressing can also lead to faster mail delivery:

  • Automated mail processing machines operate more efficiently with street addressing, leading to expedited mail sorting and delivery.
  • Street addressing allows customers to accept deliveries from private carriers like UPS and FedEx, offering quicker delivery options than traditional PO Box number constraints.
  • Remember, keeping an updated and accurate list of mailing addresses ensures higher delivery rates and reduces the risk of delays, contributing to quicker mail delivery.

How to Set Up USPS Street Addressing

Having discussed the benefits of USPS Street Addressing, let’s move on to understanding its setup process. The process involves registering for the service, choosing the right location, and updating your mailing address:

Registering for Street Addressing

The first step towards setting up USPS Street Addressing involves registering for the service:

  • To do this, customers typically need to fill out a form at their local post office and provide proof of identification.
  • During registration, several factors are considered, including location, size, lease terms, and the types of mail expected.
  • Once registered, there’s a specific format to be followed, which includes the recipient’s name, company name if applicable, delivery address, city, state, and ZIP Code in all capital letters, aligned to the left without punctuation.

Choosing the Right Location

Selecting an appropriate location is a key step in setting up USPS Street Addressing:

  • Emphasizing convenience, accessibility, and area security is vital to guarantee secure and efficient mail delivery.
  • For businesses, a street address designated specifically for receiving business mail is more efficient and effective than using a physical address that also receives customers.
  • Thus, the choice of location plays a significant role in streamlining operations and enhancing the efficiency of mail delivery.

Updating Your Mailing Address

After registration for USPS Street Addressing, it’s essential to regularly update your mailing address.

  • You can update your USPS mailing address for street addressing by submitting a change of address form online or visiting a local post office with acceptable photo ID.
  • When updating your address online, identity verification is required along with a $1.10 fee.
    • USPS will then send a confirmation code and begin forwarding mail to the new address.
  • If you’re unable to verify your identity online, you can process a change of address in person at a post office by presenting an acceptable ID.
  • It’s crucial to inform businesses, financial institutions, or government agencies of an address change directly, as they may not forward mail based on USPS change of address alone.

Using USPS Street Addressing for Your Business

If you’re a business owner, USPS Street Addressing can be an invaluable tool. From adding credibility to your business to managing multiple addresses effectively, USPS Street Addressing offers a myriad of benefits.

Incorporating Street Addressing in Marketing Materials

Integrating USPS Street Addressing into your marketing materials can significantly elevate your business profile:

  • A virtual office address with a prestigious street address can help businesses convey a professional image without the expense of maintaining a physical office location.
  • Including a street address in business listings across online directories and platforms can increase your business’s visibility to potential customers.
  • When sending marketing materials to PO Box addresses using mailing services, it’s important to input the street address in the appropriate field for an accurate calculation of delivery zones and costs.

Managing Multiple Addresses

While handling multiple addresses can seem overwhelming for businesses, USPS Street Addressing can simplify this process:

  • Businesses can project a professional image by using coworking spaces or virtual mailbox services to provide a professional mailing address for business cards and other marketing materials.
  • Mailbox services offer several benefits for businesses, including:
    • Providing physical street addresses for marketing purposes.
    • Supporting frequent shipping needs, allowing businesses to send and receive packages efficiently.
    • Offering the convenience of managing multiple addresses electronically, which can streamline operations by centralizing mail handling.

Address Verification Tools

In business, it’s paramount to ensure mail is delivered to the correct destination. This is where advanced address verification tools come in:

  • These tools can help businesses verify USPS PO Boxes and street addresses efficiently, thereby ensuring legitimate and deliverable addresses are used in business mailings.
  • These tools offer features for address verification and mail tracking.
    • Utilizing an advanced address verification tool can optimize and potentially automate the entire mailing process for better customer experience and operational efficiency.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with USPS Street Addressing

Despite the many benefits of USPS Street Addressing, understanding common pitfalls is necessary for seamless operation. Let’s explore these pitfalls and how to avoid them:

Incorrect address format

Maintaining the right address format is key to avoid potential delays or rejection due to incorrect or incomplete addressing:

  • The USPS street addressing format allows for the use of either the street address for the Post Office where the PO Box is located followed by the PO box number, or simply ‘PO Box’ followed by the box number.
  • If an incorrect address format is used but contains a valid PO Box address, the mail will still be delivered to the PO Box.
  • Understanding the proper PO box address format is essential for ensuring efficient mail delivery.

Mixing PO box and street addresses 

Another mistake to avoid is mixing PO Box and street addresses on the same mailpiece:

  • This can create confusion for USPS, possibly delaying or complicating postal mail delivery.
  • In some cases, mail may even be returned to the sender if both the street address and PO Box are listed but USPS cannot determine the correct destination.
  • To prevent address confusion, it’s recommended to either clearly indicate a preferred address or exclusively use one address if the other is not necessary.

Not updating address records 

Finally, updating address records is imperative when transitioning to USPS Street Addressing. Updating address records ensures the receipt of all mail without disruption or loss.

  • The USPS National Change of Address Program allows businesses to flexibly change their mailing address to a new PO Box, facilitating the update process when transitioning to street addressing.
  • Therefore, keeping your address records updated is a vital aspect of USPS Street Addressing.


  • In conclusion, USPS Street Addressing is a versatile system that offers numerous benefits, from enhanced privacy and security to faster mail delivery.
  • Whether you’re an individual or a business, understanding this system can significantly improve your mail receiving experience.
  • Start your journey with USPS Street Addressing today and unlock a world of convenience and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the USPS standard address?

  • A USPS standard address is one that’s fully spelled out, abbreviated using the Postal ServiceTM standard abbreviations, or as shown in the current Postal Service ZIP+4 file. For the latest information, you can visit the USPS website.

What is a valid street address?

  • A valid street address is one that’s found in the quarterly update of the USPS Zip +4 database and does not include P.O. Box or Rural Route and box.
  • It must have a complete street, city, state, and ZIP code. Always strive to add missing information to incomplete addresses to make them valid.

Does USPS deliver to a street address?

  • Yes. Postal mail delivered by the USPS can be delivered to both a PO Box or a physical address.

How does USPS Street Addressing enhance privacy?

  • USPS Street Addressing enhances privacy by allowing individuals and businesses to keep their home or personal addresses confidential while still receiving mail.

How can I set up USPS Street Addressing?

  • To set up USPS Street Addressing, visit your local post office to register for the service, select a suitable mailbox location, and ensure your mailing address is always up to date.

When should you use USPS Street Addressing?

  • USPS Street Addressing should be utilized when you require the flexibility to receive deliveries from various carriers, desire enhanced privacy for your personal or business address, or when you need a professional-looking address for your business correspondence and marketing materials.
  • Yes. USPS Street Addressing can be used for legal documents. It provides a street address for your PO Box, which is often required for legal and business purposes.
  • This service allows you to maintain the privacy of your personal address while having a legitimate and permanent address that can be used for official correspondence and legal documents.
  • Yes. You can use a PO box as a legal address. However, it’s important to note that while a PO box can serve as a mailing address for receiving correspondence and many types of legal documents, some situations require a physical street address.
  • USPS Street Addressing service provides a solution by allowing a PO box to be used with a street address format, thereby meeting the requirements for a legal address while maintaining privacy.

Do UPS and FedEx deliver to PO box addresses?

  • Yes. UPS and FedEx can deliver to a PO box number when utilizing the USPS Street Addressing system. This system allows PO Box holders to receive packages from private carriers by using the street address of the post office where their PO Box is located, followed by their specific box number.

When would I use USPS Street Addressing?

  • PO Box owners would use USPS Street Addressing when they need to provide a permanent street address rather than just their own PO Box address. This service is particularly useful when they want to keep their own address private while still being able to receive packages and mail from multiple carriers, including those that don’t typically deliver to PO Boxes.

How much does USPS Street Addressing cost?

  • USPS Street Addressing is free if you’re already a USPS customer with a PO box at certain USPS locations.