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3 Key Reasons Why You Need To Have a Physical Mailing Address

The USPS delivers 425.3 million pieces of postal mail daily, not counting letters and documents delivered by private carriers. For perspective, the 2022 US population comprises 332.4 million people — 2-3 pieces of postal mail are sent per person in the U.S. daily, with packages on top of that.

The way we communicate and do business has drastically changed because of technology, but it’s clear that a fixed physical mailing address is still a necessity today.

With people today traveling and moving residences more frequently, having a single permanent address has become a novelty. However, a physical mailing address remains essential.

Physical Addresses Remain Essential in Day to Day Modern Life

A physical mailing address is needed to accomplish many personal and professional tasks. For instance, a mailing address can be used to establish a person’s identity and location and is often required when applying for credit or renting an apartment.

A physical mailing address is also required when dealing with legal matters or government concerns. For example, a mailing address is typically needed for an individual to register to vote, apply for a driver’s license or passport, or receive government benefits.

In the U.S., many businesses and organizations still rely on traditional mail for essential communications and transactions. This can include bills, statements, contracts, and other documents that need to be sent in physical form. A mailing address is necessary for these entities to be able to send and receive these documents.

Overall, while the digital age has dramatically impacted how we communicate and do business, a physical mailing address remains an integral part of our lives for various reasons.

1. For Personal and Professional Reasons

You need a physical mailing address to establish your identity. You provide your mailing address and other related information for various personal transactions to prove that you are “so-and-so and you live at this address.”

  • Driver’s License, Passport, SSN, other IDs – To process ID cards or documents, you must provide documentation proving your residential or physical address. After processing, your SSN card, driver’s license, and passport will be sent to the mailing address you used.
  • Job Applications – When you apply for a job, you provide an address where employers can reach you, aside from phone or email. Employers may still opt to send documents like job offers or contracts to this address. They also use your physical mailing address to complete payroll documents, verify your identity, and run background checks.
  • Financial Transactions – Many significant bank transactions require filling out forms that ask for a physical mailing address. While you can sometimes use a P.O. Box as a mailing address, you will still need a physical address when you open a bank account.
    When you apply for a credit card, you’ll need to provide an address to which your bills will be mailed. Whether you are applying for a credit card for personal use or your business, a physical address is a credit card application essential.
  • Health Insurance Coverage – When you apply for health insurance, you will fill out a form that asks for your home address. You will then send a separate document proving that you live at that address.
    Typically, you can only get insurance in the state where you reside, but it’s also possible to get multi-state coverage. In either case, the insurance provider will ask for proof of residence.
  • Traveling – You must show proof of residence when applying for a visa. But apart from paperwork, a mailing address also has practical purposes when you travel.
    You need a physical address to receive your correspondence when you travel, especially if you will be away for at least several months. It can be cumbersome to inform your family, friends, work, the government, or bank about your new address whenever you fly off to a new location, especially if you travel frequently.
    It is much better to have a single address where the post office or carriers can deliver mail and packages. This way, you’ll be genuinely location-independent and be free to hop from one continent to another.

A physical mailing address is necessary information for various legal, government, and administrative purposes.

  • Voting – When registering to vote, you typically need proof of residence. Some states accept business or temporary addresses for voter registration, but you still need to prove that you live in the state where you want to vote.
  • Civic Duties – When you are called for jury duty, you will receive the summons via your mailing address. Failure to respond to the summons can lead to a fine of $1,500, incarceration of 5 days, or both.
  • Government Benefits – Even if you receive your benefits by direct deposit, the government will still need your physical mailing address to send you correspondence and other notices.

3. For Business Purposes

  • Business RegistrationYou must provide a physical address when registering and running your business, even if your business is entirely online. Most states do not accept P.O. Boxes for registering your business; you need a real street address. To fulfill this business requirement, entrepreneurs often resort to using their home addresses. If budget allows, they rent a space and use its address for business purposes.
  • Business Operations – Running a business requires a physical address for smoother operations. You will need a mailing address when you apply for a business loan, buy a website domain, transact with suppliers, and even print business cards.
    You need a physical mailing address to receive contracts, business mail, bills, statements, and other vital documents for your business. If you have physical products, you also need them for returns or consolidating supplies.

Why Use A Virtual Mailbox Real Street Address as Your Physical Mailing Address

1. Your mail and packages are safe in a staffed location.

A virtual mailbox is in a staffed location that keeps your mail and packages secure. The operator in this location will store your mail or packages until you set a pick-up appointment or make a request to shred, recycle, or forward them. They can also consolidate your postal mail or packages for single or future pick-ups.

This virtual mailbox feature is helpful if you often travel or run a small business. You will have peace of mind knowing that your mail and parcel are in safe hands, not exposed to the elements or porch pirates.

2. It adds a layer of protection to your home.

When you register your business, the address you use becomes public information. Your address will be posted on the Secretary of State’s website. We do not recommend using your home address for your business mailing address. Use a virtual mailbox with a real street address instead.

Please keep in mind that every state has different regulations and protocols. Kindly verify with your state’s Secretary of State or local Small Business Administration (SBA) office.

3. You can manage your postal mail and packages anytime, anywhere.

Aside from the useful real street address, a virtual mailbox also has the following convenient features:

  • Remote Mail Access – It lets you know when a postal mail or package has arrived for you, no matter where you are.
  • Remote Mail Management – It lets you manage your postal mail via an app on your phone or a web portal on your computer or laptop.
  • Mail Action Requests – You can request to have your mail items opened and scanned, forwarded to another location, shredded, and recycled. You can also schedule pick-ups.
  • Digital File Storage – It is a digital storage of your correspondence. You can access your scanned mail for as long as your Anytime Mailbox account is active.

Yes, a physical mailing address is no doubt still essential. And while your home address will suffice in many cases. A virtual mailbox address adds a layer of security that shields your home address and helps avoid mail theft and porch piracy. And simply managing postal mail and packages remotely via an app adds convenience and practicality to your daily life. 

Anytime Mailbox offers the widest selection of locations in the United States and globally. You can pick a location that fits your needs, whether for business, travel, or address anonymity. Signing up is a simple process, too. You can get started here.

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