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What is a UPS Store P.O. Box? Your Complete Guide to UPS Mailboxes

Efficient mail and parcel management is an integral part of modern life, and we understandably want it safe and convenient. And we want a mail management service that supports our busy lives as well. One such service is the UPS Mailbox or UPS Store P.O. Box. Offered by UPS Stores, it’s a type of private postal service solution for individuals and businesses alike. 

What is the UPS Mailbox? How much does a UPS Mailbox cost?

In this blog, we’ll explore what UPS Mailboxes are, the benefits of using one, and what alternatives are available if you’re looking for other ways to manage your mail.

What is a UPS P.O. Box (UPS Mailbox)?

  • A UPS Mailbox is a private mailbox that allows you to receive mail and packages at a UPS Store of your choice.
  • Just like a P.O. Box, you can rent a UPS Mailbox and have your mail and packages delivered to this P.O. Box.
  • Your mail and packages will be kept safe until you stop into the UPS Store and retrieve your mail and packages.

UPS Mailbox Services Features

  • Size and Price to Suit Your Needs
    • UPS Mailbox services are offered in various sizes, similar to P.O. Boxes, and prices vary according to size and location.
    • Whether you need a UPS Mailbox for personal matters or for business, there’s a size and price that should work for you.
  • Multi-Carrier Compatible
    • Unlike USPS P.O. Boxes, a UPS Mailbox can accept packages from all carriers. Additionally, it can accept deliveries from USPS and FedEx, among others.
  • Real Street Address
    • A UPS Mailbox address is usually inside a UPS Store location and most often comes with a real street address. Your unique mailbox will be indicated with a pound symbol or labeled ‘PMB’.

How Does a UPS Mailbox Work?

  • A UPS Mailbox works similarly to a USPS P.O. Box or a private mailbox. After you’ve signed up, you can start using the UPS Mailbox real street address for receiving your mail and packages:
    • When you receive mail or package delivery, your UPS Store location will notify you through text.
    • The staff at the UPS Store can sign for packages, eliminating potential issues that may arise, such as delivery delays or mail being sent back to the sender.
    • After receiving the text or when your schedule allows, you can then drive to your local UPS Store and retrieve your mail. You have 24/7 access to your UPS Mailbox.

Where Can I Rent a UPS Mailbox?

  • UPS Stores are privately owned. For the most part, each UPS Store location has the power to decide whether to offer mailboxes to customers.
  • The best way to find out if you can rent a UPS Mailbox from is to directly contact your local UPS Store.
  • The UPS website also has a handy locator that will assist you in your quest.

What Are the UPS Mailbox Sizes?

UPS Mailboxes come in three sizes: Small, medium, and large. 

Before choosing a UPS mailbox size, we recommend taking into account the amount of mail you generally receive. Also, consider whether you’re using the service for personal deliveries or for business.

If it’s for the latter, you likely have a high weekly delivery volume, so it’s best to consider a larger box. In any case, here are the most common box size options:

  • Small USP Mailbox
    • The Small UPS Mailbox can hold a low volume of letters or envelopes weekly. If you don’t receive that much correspondence, this size should work for you.
  • Medium UPS Mailbox
    • If you get a moderate weekly mail flow, a medium UPS Mailbox may be what you’re looking for.
    • This size should also work for a small business or a startup that receives a good amount of postal mail on a regular basis.
  • Large UPS Mailbox
    • For individuals or businesses that receive a high volume of mail frequently, the largest UPS Mailbox is the best option.
    • This sized box is ideal if you have several magazine subscriptions, manage shipping, or often deal with large amounts of paper documents.
    • A large UPS Mailbox is one way to make sure that your envelopes will be kept flat and secure.
    • If you’re traveling and you don’t have time to drop by the UPS Store to retrieve your mail, the large type should make your travel time worry-free.
    • You can sightsee or attend to work matters and not agonize about your mail being sent back to the sender or getting lost.

How Much is a UPS Mailbox?

Since UPS Stores are franchises or privately owned, the price of UPS Mailboxes vary significantly by location. The following figures can be used as a reference, and you should also make inquiries at your local UPS Store accordingly:

  • A small UPS Mailbox costs between $10 to $20 per month.
  • If you choose a medium UPS Mailbox, your monthly fee will range between $20 to $40.
  • And a large size will cost you between $30 and $50 monthly.

Additional Fees for UPS Mailbox Services

  • Aside from the monthly fee for the box, you’ll also incur other fees when you rent a UPS Mailbox:
    • The key to the box can cost you $10, plus the additional cost if you lose it or need a replacement.
    • You may also be charged for storage fee or overflow fee if you get excess mail. Rates vary by UPS Store.

How to Get a UPS Mailbox

Signing up for a UPS Store P.O. Box is a straightforward process:

  • Once you find a location that offers the size you need at a price that suits your budget, stop in and set up your mailbox.
  • You’ll need to fill out the USPS Form 1583 and provide photocopies of a government-issued ID and a photo ID. These should be certified by a Notary Public.
  • At the UPS Store, read, fill out, and sign the Mailbox Service Agreement.
  • After verification, the UPS Store will collect your deposit and provide you with the key to your box.

Benefits of a UPS Store Mailbox

Now that we’ve explained the basics of UPS Mailboxes, let’s get into why you might want to rent one.

Are there benefits to using this private mailbox service? Is it a good solution for better and smoother mail management?

  • Privacy
    • A mailbox from a UPS Store keeps your home address private.
    • Instead of using your home address for receiving mail, you can have your correspondence and online purchases sent to your UPS P.O. Box instead.
    • A UPS mailbox lowers the number of strangers who know where you live.
  • Real Street Address
    • The UPS address for your private mailbox is a real street address, making it acceptable for receiving packages from carriers like FedEx or DHL.
    • It’s also ideal for receiving business mail or as a return address for your customers.
  • 24/7 Access
    • UPS Stores that offer private mailbox services often allow you access your mailbox 24 hours a day and on weekends as well.

Disadvantages of a UPS Mailbox

Of course, with these pros also come certain disadvantages to using UPS Mailbox services. For example:

  • Even though you can use it to receive business mail, it doesn’t mean that the UPS P.O. Box is acceptable as a business address.
  • Some institutions and government agencies may not accept a UPS physical address when you fill out forms or register your business.
  • Because UPS Stores are privately owned, pricing and services are not uniform in all branches. Finding the UPS Box service with a price that fits your budget may prove harder than you realize. Others may also not offer additional services that you may need, such as mail forwarding.
  • A UPS Mailbox, while definitely a convenient service, can also end up costing more than a USPS mailbox or P.O. Box.
  • Additionally, a UPS private mailbox service doesn’t come with online and remote management features that you can enjoy with virtual mailbox services

UPS P.O. Box Alternatives

  • USPS P.O. Box
    • A post office box (P.O. Box) is another alternative that you can get instead of a UPS mailbox.
    • A P.O. Box is a locked box located in a post office.
    • When you rent a P.O. Box, the post office gives you a key to access it. Some post offices are open to P.O. Box renters 24/7.
    • Your mail and packages are delivered to this P.O. Box. Then, using your key, you pick up your mail and packages. Unlike a UPS Box, however, you won’t be notified when mail or packages arrive for you unless you’re enrolled in a special postal service called Informed Delivery.
    • A P.O. Box address often isn’t a street address. In other words, it isn’t an advisable address for business use.
  • Private Storage Locker
    • A private storage locker is a mailbox you can rent for receiving your mail and packages. It isn’t managed by the government, unlike a USPS P.O. Box. As such, storage lockers vary when it comes to types, pricing, and add-on service
  • Virtual Mailbox
    • A virtual mailbox is an excellent alternative to a UPS mailbox service.
      • Virtual mailbox services allow you to access and manage your postal mail and packages remotely.
      • It comes with a real street address or a physical mailing address in a business center or a coworking space.
        • You can use this as a mailing address for your business or for keeping your home address private.
    • With a virtual mailbox, your mail and packages are delivered to a staffed location.
      • You’lll receive a notification via a phone app or email that you have received mail or package delivery.
    • Using the same handy phone app or web browser platform, you can make additional requests, like “open and scan” if you want to read the contents of the mail.
    • You can also request to forward the mail to another location or shred and recycle.
    • A virtual mailbox comes with the best features of a UPS P.O. Box, but with more convenient and secure options.