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6 Reasons Why A Virtual Mailbox is a Must-Have for Every Traveler

January 23, 2023 | 4 min read
If you’re a frequent traveler, you understand how important it is to figure out a good way to manage your postal mail and packages while traveling.
If you’re on the road for a while, a virtual mailbox is an ideal solution to access and manage your postal mail and packages. It’s affordable, low-maintenance, and safe.
A virtual mailbox comes with an app where you’ll instantly see and be able to manage all your incoming mail and packages. Swipe or click to request to open & scan, forward, shred, discard, or schedule for a pick-up. Signing up is quick and easy.
Here are some excellent reasons a virtual mailbox is the best way to access and manage postal mail and packages when you’re traveling:
1. Don’t Be A Burden On Your Tribe
We typically ask our neighbors, family, and friends to take care of our mail and packages when we travel. Let’s face it. It’s a big ask.
And what if they need to travel or an emergency comes up? Not to mention, for the cost of the considerate “thank you” gift you’ll surely get for them, you can invest in a virtual mailbox and not impose on your people. As Shakespeare said, “neither a borrower nor a lender be…”.
  • A mailbox center operator will receive and store your mail items if you have a virtual mailbox. Mail and packages won’t go to your porch, so there’s no need to ask a friend or neighbor to pick anything up. And, you don’t have to depend on USPS to stop your mail, which often has lag time to stop and restart.
  • A virtual mailbox operator can do what’s really beyond what your neighbors expect to do: open & scan mail items and send them securely via an app, forward packages to wherever you are, or shred your mail.

    Your local Mailbox Business Center staff are allowed to do this because they are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). CMRAs are authorized to receive postal mail & packages on your behalf and follow Federal law and USPS guidelines. USPS Form 1583, a requirement for activating a virtual mailbox, is the document where you permit a CMRA to receive and manage your postal mail.

2. Worldwide Instant Mail Management
When you’re on the road, you still have to handle the important mail that rolls in. A virtual mailbox lets you roam freely, work efficiently, and sleep soundly, knowing that you’re on top of all vital correspondence and deliveries.
Check it out. A virtual mailbox quickly and inexpensively gives you the power to:
  • See and manage your mail. Your virtual mailbox Operator will take a photo of your mail and then upload it to your virtual mailbox dashboard. From there, request with a quick click on your app and the Operator will open & scan the contents of the mail item. And then it’s sent to you to read securely via the app.
  • Forward and store packages. Packages can also be forwarded to any location or securely stored until you can come and pick them up at the most convenient time.
Whether you’re backpacking across Asia, meeting vendors in South America, or grooving at a European music festival, you’ll be able to keep up with all mail correspondence instantly in real time.
3. No Balls Dropped If Shipping/Receiving Is Your Jam
Traveling can justifiably feel stressful if shipping and receiving are significant to your business. With a virtual mailbox, that stress is easily swiped away.
You can ship/receive/forward on any mobile device. Let’s say you receive documents or materials via postal mail from a client or partner. They send these documents via postal mail. How do you get access while you’re traveling? Using your virtual mailbox app, you can request your Operator to open & scan, shred, and forward mail items. Whatever you need. At your fingertips.
4. Keep Your Packages Safe
We’ve all heard that porch piracy is on the rise. And nothing is worse than the hassle of dealing with pilfered online deliveries while traveling.
Don’t worry; you can beat porch pirates by signing up for a virtual mailbox before you hit the road. And a virtual mailbox accepts more than just postal mail. It’ll receive packages for you as well.
So feel secure to click checkout on your Amazon cart even when you’re not around to receive your package. Your mail center will receive your parcel and will notify you via the virtual mailbox app. Safe and sound.
5. Don’t Advertise Your Home As A Break-In Target
Mail piling up by the door or in the mailbox is like a flashing ‘Welcome’ sign for would-be home invaders. Don’t telegraph your absence and invite opportunistic larcenists into your home.
With a virtual mailbox, your postal mail will go to a mail center instead of your home. This game changer eliminates stress about the security and safety of your home while you’re enjoying your adventures.
6. The Benefits of a Virtual Mailbox Are Evergreen
Unlike a travel visa, a virtual mailbox is useful even when you’re not traveling.
Enjoy these benefits and more over the long haul:
  • Your virtual mailbox’s real street address can be used as your business mailing address, for your business cards, website, and for setting up a virtual office.
  • You can use the virtual mailbox address to process business activities such as buying a website domain or filling out banking or credit documents.
  • Don’t spend money on office or shop rent! Connect the business mailing address from your virtual mailbox with a phone service like Google Voice. You no longer need to cover the cost of physical office space to operate with credibility and confidence.
We understand the feeling of the horizon calling. With Anytime Mailbox you can heed that call. Stress-free. With confidence.